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Encore by Corey . ExC Prototype Signature Hair Collection . High Quality Lace Closures & Frontals. Corey Sims Virgina.Book bridal services today at

Corey, a licensed cosmetologist with over 15 years of industry experience, is a true master of his craft. Born and raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Corey discovered his passion for hairstyling at an early age. With an innate talent and an unwavering dedication to his clients' satisfaction, he embarked on a journey that would shape him into one of the sought-after stylists in the region.

Corey's educational background reflects his commitment to excellence. He earned his undergraduate degree from Virginia Union University, where he developed a strong foundation in business and customer service. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Seeking to deepen his knowledge and expand his skill set, Corey pursued his master's degree at the University of Maryland. He received a Masters of Science which aided in increased integrity, innovation, and influence in all facets of life.


However, it was in cosmetology school where Corey's true calling flourished. With continued dedication to the beauty industry, Corey further honed his understanding of beauty, aesthetics, and the art of personal transformation.


Under the guidance of renowned industry experts, classes and training, Corey stays up to date on the latest techniques and trends. Corey specializes in weaves, natural hair care, and coloring techniques that allow him to create stunning, head-turning looks for his diverse clientele. From seamless extensions that enhance volume and length to vibrant hair colors that express individuality, Corey's expertise brings out the beauty in every client.

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